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Louis Vuitton outlet Spring Summer 2016 ad campaign exposing the latest blockbusters, this season the brand invited famous game "Final Fantasy 13" actress Thunder Series 4 as the new season advertising spokesman. Louis Vuitton outlet online to "spiritual journey" as the theme of the 2016 early spring advertising films, shot by legendary photographer Patrick Demarchelier complete. Louis Vuitton outlet store grand on the world map, each series of travel destinations are different, this season's creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere will be taken to the site in early spring 2016 fashion show venue - Palm Springs, California.

Swedish actress Alicia Vikander Following the 2015 Winter ad again starred with Michelle Williams brand interpretation of two actresses dressed in women's 2016 early autumn series bring the latest handbags, Capucines handbag, Twist chain bag, turn on the desert highway and the beautiful oasis The new season of freedom and adventure journey.

French luxury brand Louis Vuitton handbags outlet Classic in the United States the most influential one store: New York 57th Street flagship store refurbishment Upcoming welcoming.

This store opened in 2004, the area 20,000 square feet, is the most important in the United States Louis Vuitton clothing stores, women accounted for two-thirds of the product. Queen store designer Peter Marino to design the Louis Vuitton store, he also participated in several other luxury brands group LVMH store design, including: Christian Dior, Fendi, Celine, Chanel and Ermenegildo Zegna. The completely renovated by him still, after the transformation of stores more bright and fresh style with the times, called the new trend of luxury brand stores design paradigm.

Louis Vuitton bags outlet Chairman of the Board and CEO Michael Burke stressed that the US is the LV world's largest market, the United States has a total of 114 stores. But he believes this hotel in East 57th Street 1 No. flagship store in New York the Statue of Liberty looks, Central Station and other famous attractions, and there is no difference, so need renovation. It is reported that, in order to avoid loss of sales, during the renovation of stores remained open for business.

Indian spices to create exotic color Then, Marino designed the stores is the first extensive use of LED combination box stores, full of creativity. The store renovation, he emphasized the need for good lighting design and ventilation, interior and smooth, this will highlight the merchandise. His bold use of Indian spices common in glitter, turmeric and other spices color, so cheap Louis Vuitton outlet look more lively. I walked into this store, bright rust orange carpet and red flowers, as if to open a period of incredible exotic travel.

A door was greeted by a double expansion foyer, decorated with caramel-colored plates and stone. Vintage glass window display LV luggage and Italian designer Vincenzo De Cotiis designed brass chandelier. Direct access to the main staircase in the middle of the shop floor, marble walls decorated with bright trim.

Brand shopping guide with iPad and iPhone, custom floor-large screen display seasonal series of products to customers. Designers try to avoid excessive use of high-tech products, he believes the store from the renovation design takes a year to fully operational, these technologies and products may be phased out. Marino said: "Compared with the ever-changing technology products, Louis Vuitton merchandise classic easily eliminated." According to him, the biggest difficulty lies in the renovation process can not be closed down renovation, which means that workers need to use evenings and weekends construction, renovation of the corresponding costs also increased a lot. But Burke refused to disclose specific financial and store sales data.

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